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Empanada dough and pan de miga manufacturers

From the legendary Sanwiches Company that in the late 90's changed the Barcelona's gastronomy's history, to the nowadays factory that produces lots of pan de miga and empanada dough for the best gourmet sandwich shops and the unalterable bond that unites them, a inaleniable commitment with two concepts: creativity and quality.

The defy and secret is to create and grow tirelessly, from craftmanship, applying the most advanced technologies and respecting the essence and quality of the final product above all

Oven's Time's team is the heart of the company. A team that works restlessly and hand in hand in order to obtain a product with the quality that charaterizes it


From our start in the incredible world of empanada dough in 2015, its sales had an spectacular growth, along with the end of the crisis and the fast introduction of this product in the market because of its special characteristics:

  • Affordable price to compose a satisfactory and varied menu
  • Ease of consumption without need of cutlery or table
  • Acceptance regardless of social class of age

In 2020, due to COVID-19 and lockdown, its consumption has grown because it belongs to the take away sector, one of the few in Horeca with figures higher than those of previous years, strengthened by the ease of preserving the frozen product.


European unique specialist in artisanal Pan de Miga

The bread is not only the "filling support", but a basic compound of the sandwich. We are pioneer in producing different flavours and colours of Pan de Miga.

Tomato, carrots, spinach, roasted malt, 5 cereals, wholewheat, poppy seeds and other author bread as "Ras el Hanout", with ten Moroccan spices, and other personalized bread suggested by our costumers.

Our flavoured breads are made up of natural freeze-dried natural ingredients in powder, leaves and seeds

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